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THE ALL IN APP … The #1 Tool for Hospital Employee Engagement

November 1, 2023

The ALL IN APP is the leading application for hospital success, addressing the crucial issue of low employee engagement that costs the global economy trillions of dollars. In the healthcare industry, an engaged workforce is vital for delivering high-quality patient care. Challenges such as recruiting and retaining quality staff and addressing staffing issues have been identified as major concerns in the industry.

Mental Health America reports alarming levels of stress and burnout among healthcare workers, leading to a significant number considering leaving their jobs. It is imperative for hospital leaders to invest in employee engagement to ensure patient satisfaction, safety, and quality of care. However, it is still a challenge because hospitals: 

  • Are the heaviest-regulated industry;
  • Have to communicate consistently with an enormous staff of administrative, clinical, and non-clinical employees working in-person, on a hybrid schedule, or remotely;
  • Experience employees immersed in specialized areas who feel too busy to see how their work connects with others and
  • Support employees and a community who are tired, stressed, and often disengaged. 

The ALL IN APP offers four key features that help hospitals engage staff, improve patient satisfaction, and enhance care:

  1. Safe Place for Sharing: The app provides a secure platform for internal communication. All content is reviewed and approved by managers, ensuring compliance in a regulated environment while protecting the hospital and its employees from PR and legal risks.
  2. Streamlined Communication: All vital content, news, alerts, polls, posts, and notifications are centralized within the app, facilitating communication across departments and fostering trust within the organization.
  3. Inspires Engagement: Special days and events can be shared and celebrated, fostering community among all staff members. The app creates an open and respectful environment where employees feel seen and valued and have fun.
  4. Builds Relationships: Employees recognize and appreciate each other’s contributions through comments, likes, and shout-outs within the app. A culture of inclusion and trust is reinforced as employees’ content is approved by managers to be shared externally, reinforcing shared values within the larger community. 

The app creates an open and respectful environment where employees feel valued, have fun, and get all of the important information they need when they need it. It cultivates shared values and encourages employees to share and celebrate with each other. When their stories are approved to be shared externally, it reinforces these values within the larger community.