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For High-Value Content That Can't Be Skipped
Onboarding Has Never Been Easier

The MUST SEE section enables you to preload critical company information, policies, and videos that set your team up for success within your organization.

Once a team member begins with your company, any content in this section is a “must-see”  and every team member must review the material. You can even make passing a quick quiz mandatory to receive credit for consumption.

Maximize Retention

Not only will educating new employees make onboarding easier, but it also maximizes the retention of your existing team members…

It's like a chain reaction.

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employees become engaged employees

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employees become inspired employees

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employees become employee advocates

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Employee Advocates

become loyal employee influencers

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So go ahead: load up your “Welcome to the Team” video, your brand story film, your core values, and your employee expectations. Make sure that every team member goes All In.

The days of producing content and hoping it will be seen by your team are over.