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Did You Know That 67% Of Employees Are Disengaged At Work? Let’s Fix That For Your Brand.

October 10, 2022

Employee engagement can be described as an employee’s connection, commitment, and willingness to contribute to a company’s success.

Getting employees engaged has quickly become a key factor for business success today. High engagement promotes an increase in customer loyalty, retention of talent, and improvement in overall brand performance.

Why Does Employee Engagement matter?

Getting to the point: Employee engagement is one of the top five global business strategies today.

The issue? too many employees are disengaged. In fact, one study states that only 33% of American workers are engaged by their jobs. A majority of workers are just going through the motions; however, when it comes to building up a brand, you need team members to be more than present, you need them to be All In.

  • So how exactly do you get your employees excited to participate? You express their value, give them purpose, and allow them to join in on your company’s Brand Story Celebration.

There are levels to this…

Employee engagement is a part of your Brand Story celebration; and just like any party, people will celebrate in their own way.

Here are our levels of employee engagement:

  • Spectator: At this level, the employee sees your story. They are engaged as viewers; taking in company content and messages. These employees absorb content but don’t contribute to it. This is oftentimes a starting point for employee engagement as a clear idea of your story and the ability to present your story effectively is all you need to begin transitioning team members into Spectators.
  • Appreciator: This is the level where the story gets personal and engagement truly begins. Employees graduate from Spectators and move to Appreciators once they recognize their role and begin relating to the story. This personal connection gains their support, approval, and endorsement because the story becomes more meaningful and valuable to the team member. Many companies are more than satisfied with this level of engagement; however, in order to fully unlock the potential of your team, there is one more level of engagement your employees should bring to the party.
  • Celebrator: At this level, employees go beyond appreciating what your story means to them personally. They start to recognize and appreciate the attributes that resonate beyond their association. This elevated association occurs when employees are educated to the point where they gain respect for the personality of the brand, the way it operates, how it thinks, what the mission is, and more. They become inspired to become a Celebrator who wants to be a part of the story. The Celebrator is not only sharing company content, but they are also making their own. These employees are educated on your company culture in a way that allows them to celebrate your story with others, as well as add to the story in their own unique way.

It is important to note that these levels have no chronological order; so while your goal should be to have a team of straight celebrators, understand that every team member will participate in their own way. Some employees instantly engage at the highest level, while others may only find comfort as an Appreciator at the party; regardless, the easier you make it for employees to get involved, the more often they show up celebrating. 

The Difference: Engaged Vs. Disengaged

Workers that are disengaged oftentimes feel no connection to their work, tend to do the bare minimum, and have an overall lack of desire when at work.

While there are many differences between an engaged employee and a disengaged employee, behaviors make up most of them. Here are some common behaviors of engaged and disengaged employees:

Engaged behaviors Disengaged behaviors
Enthusiastic Apathetic
Goal-Driven Unmotivated
Team-focused Self-centered

An engaged employee is a workplace leader. Team members that get involved in celebrating your Brand Story quickly can become someone other employees look to for cues and guidance; allowing your most engaged employees to be real difference-makers in regards to the attitude and culture of your company.

How to Develop and Sustain Employee Engagement

There is no full-proof plan to increase employee engagement levels; however, all companies should give careful thought to their engagement initiatives.

In order to keep your employees engaged, they need to feel appreciated. So on top of offering incentives and rewards, also try your best to make them meaningful and fun.

Time To Start

Now that you have a better understanding of the influence your employees are capable of, you just need to get started.

Sign up for a demo of The All In App today for an all-in-one employee advocacy solution designed to turn your company communication into a brand story celebration.