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No One Wants To See Your Brand’s Cookie-Cutter Content | Learn To Share What’s Real Instead.

September 8, 2022

Social media has become flooded with advertisements and calls to action. With so much of social media being consumed by paid promotion and disingenuous influencer marketing, customers are dying to see what is REAL.

The power of social media today is rooted in authenticity, and cookie-cutter content isn’t cutting it. If you want to truly stand out, you need to start celebrating your story and letting your employees lead the way.

Real content is the key to not only bringing your company closer together but also to better celebrating your Brand Story. It may seem too simple, but a clear brand message enables your employees to connect with the storylines that are most significant to them; allowing the content they share to spread your brand story from their unique perspective; that’s the REAL behind-the-scenes content your customers trust and want to see.

Tips for Inspiring Real Content:

  • Open up Opportunities with Storylines: If you’re not sure how to go beyond a brand story summary to build a content strategy, try starting with a subset storyline. First, decide what aspect of your Brand Story to focus on. Every Brand Story has multiple storylines that help elevate the purpose of the company. Pick an area of concentration, tie a concept to it, and drive it home.
  • Personally connect: How your employees personally relate and connect to the company is important for driving authentic content creation. When an employee sees similarities in their values with the message of their company, they not only feel more a part of the brand, but they also become more inspired to be involved in spreading the Brand Story.
  • Inspire employees to take part in the story: The celebration of your Brand Story should be a constant party; however, it is important that your employees understand that they can join in on the celebration as much as possible. The more user-generated content (UGC), the better. The creation of UGC adds to company culture and the connections employees make and share online help add credibility and value to an overall brand story.