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Harnessing Social Media in the Heavily Regulated Healthcare Industry

November 8, 2023

Let’s Face It … with all the regulations hospitals must consider, it can be downright scary even to consider sharing stories in a hospital environment. However, top hospitals recognize that it is critical to overcome regulatory challenges and embrace social media to reach consumers effectively through user-generated content. The ALL IN APP helps with this while engaging all staff as valued members of the hospital community through a contained, central-source platform for all team communications.

Multiple sources point to how social media influences how people gather information, make decisions, and engage with brands

  • 41% reported social media affects their choice of a doctor, hospital, or medical facility. 
  • 90% of 18 to 24-year-olds surveyed said they would trust medical information shared on their social media networks
  • 40% of people surveyed said information found on social media affects how they coped with a chronic condition, view diet and exercise, and select a physician. 

The ALL IN APP’s built-in features provide healthcare organizations with the solutions to harness social media to extend relationships and trust.

Enhancing Communication and Education: The ALL IN APP provides a platform for sharing must-see content and other important information through professional and staff-generated content. Hospitals can address FAQs, dispel myths, and offer reliable advice, fostering a culture of health education.

Building Trust and Reputation: In such a heavily regulated industry, trust is paramount. The ALL IN APP provides a way to vet content before it’s posted so staff experts are taught how to post safely in a way that humanizes their brand, showcases their expertise, and builds a sense of trust and transparency

Real-Time Updates and Crisis Communication: Employees know there is one source for alerts, must-see content, news, and posts. The ALL IN APP swiftly communicates important and mission-centered information without getting lost in emails and multiple other channels. 

Engaging the Multiple Generations: Today, all types of staff and consumers rely on their phones for information, decision-making, and engagement. The ALL IN APP provides staff with must-see content and engages them in creating visually appealing content. Gamification adds to the growing sense of fun and community, generates excitement, and encourages active participation.

Conclusion: In an era dominated by social media, healthcare organizations must adapt and embrace these platforms to reach staff and consumers effectively. The ALL IN APP helps hospitals engage their staff as valued community members and encourages them to thrive as authentic content creators. The platform unleashes the hospital’s ability to use social media to enhance communication, build trust, provide real-time updates, and navigate regulatory challenges.