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Is Your Staff’s Low Engagement Costing You Big Time $$?

October 9, 2023

Did you see the 2023 Gallup Global Workplace Report? (a summary & link listed below.) After surveying over 122,000 employees, Gallup estimated that “low engagement costs the global economy $8.8 trillion.” It’s even more shocking when you learn that the data trends have been similar for nearly a decade. 

If you responded with the first one, you are right on pace with the global average organization. Gallup data show that only the top organizations have figured out the benefits of being intentional with their leadership to address disengagement. In those cases, the average result is 18 engaged employees for every one disengaged. The All In App is all about working with organizations committed to flipping this challenge into a strength. We partner to:

  1. Excel in Internal Communications: The All In App is the One Central Source for important employee information.  A 2023 Axios HQ Study2 revealed that 70% of leaders think their staff can quickly find the organizational goals, strategies, or directives they need. 46% of employees agree.  
  2. Drive Engagement: The All In App engages employees across all departments to connect through recognition, celebration, gamification, and story-sharing.  Employees feel safe, seen, and valued when they connect with colleagues. This type of engagement leads to retention and productivity. Organizations with highly engaged employees have 14% more productivity, 18% difference in sales, and 43% less turnover.3
  3. Build Community: The All In App empowers a community of valued employees to amplify values, building community trust by fueling social media with authentic stories from employees across all departments. In October of 2022, McKinsey4 reported that employees having a sense of community are 150% more likely than their peers to report being engaged at work.


State of the Global Workplace: 2023 Report (

Executive Summary Takeaways for Leaders

  • In today’s typical organization, most employees are filling a seat but have yet to take ownership of their work. Leaders who are not intentional about engaging these employees are missing a primary driver of customer retention and organic business growth.
  • Employee engagement does not mean happiness: True engagement means your people are psychologically present to do their work. They understand what to do, have what they need, and have a supportive manager and team. They know why their work matters. 
  • Quiet quitting employees are your organization’s low-hanging fruit for productivity gains. These employees are filling a seat and watching the clock. They put in the minimum effort required and are psychologically disconnected from their employer. Although minimally productive, they are more likely to be stressed and burnt out than engaged workers because they feel lost and disconnected from their workplace. They are ready to be inspired and motivated — if engaged meaningfully. 


1 State of the Global Workplace: 2023 Report – Executive Summary. June 13, 2023 Data is from a research survey where the total number of globally employed respondents included in the entire trend of data (2009 through 2022) is 2,208,292; for the 2022 data, the total is 122,416. The global average organization has about one engaged employee for every actively disengaged employee. For 2023 Gallup Exceptional Workplace Award winners, that ratio is 18 to one. Large or small, these workplaces feel different. (source: State of the Global Workplace: 2023 Report – Executive Summary. June 13, 2023, Gallup Organization. )

2  The 2023 State of Essential Workplace Communications, June 2023. Axios HQ

3 Employee Engagement vs. Employee Satisfaction, April 2017 Gallup.

4Building social capital in the workplace | McKinsey. October 2022.