Your Solution For Igniting Hospital Staff’s Passion & Commitment All In App

The ALL IN APP … Your Solution For Igniting Hospital Staff’s Passion & Commitment

November 14, 2023

High engagement for staff is more crucial in the healthcare industry than in any other sector. Unfortunately, the pandemic has significantly impacted engagement levels, and multiple streams of data show that there are devastating consequences due to factors such as overwork, burnout, stress, and compassion fatigue. 

  • In a 2020 Mental Health America survey, 93% of healthcare workers reported high-stress levels, with 76% experiencing exhaustion and burnout.
  • A Johns Hopkins study found medical errors as the third-leading cause of death in the U.S., highlighting the impact of staff engagement.
  • A Hospital Careers survey showed that 20% of healthcare employees are disengaged.
  • The Harvard Business Review’s analysis of 80+ hospitals and 192,000 employees revealed a 1% increase in engagement, resulting in a 3% reduction in complications and a 7% decrease in readmissions.

Engaged employees feel a true sense of pride and ownership in their job performance and their healthcare team because they know they are a valued part of a community. Many hospitals recognize the importance of an intentional plan to ensure a culture where employees are valued and engaged. The ALL IN APP is the ideal tool to help in the following ways:

  • Provides a platform for Autonomy: Enables Self-expression and ownership aligned with hospital mission and values.
  • Builds Community: Employees share work and personal sides of their lives, strengthening connections and a sense of belonging.
  • Celebrates Peers: Features for shout-outs through posts, birthdays, work anniversaries, fostering appreciation. 
  • Connects Departments: Illustrates contributions of each department to all of the hospital community’s purpose and success.

In summary, prioritizing employee engagement in the healthcare industry is essential. Overcoming the challenges of overwork, burnout, and stress is necessary to improve patient outcomes, reduce complications, and enhance the overall quality of care provided. A strong sense of purpose and meaning within the workforce is fundamental to nurturing a highly engaged healthcare team, and The ALL IN APP is the ideal tool to ensure your employees thrive!