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Getting Your Team Engaged Shouldn’t Feel Like A Chore | Enhance Your Company Culture With Gamification
December 8, 2022

Employee engagement helps to create employee advocacy, but how should you keep your employees motivated, inspired, and eager to continue celebrating your story? The answer: Gamification. Gamification can be described as the application of typical game-like features (point systems, objectives, friendly competition) to activities that are not normally seen in a game setting. Gamification is […]

Did You Know That 67% Of Employees Are Disengaged At Work? Let’s Fix That For Your Brand.
October 10, 2022

Employee engagement can be described as an employee’s connection, commitment, and willingness to contribute to a company’s success. Getting employees engaged has quickly become a key factor for business success today. High engagement promotes an increase in customer loyalty, retention of talent, and improvement in overall brand performance. Why Does Employee Engagement matter? Getting to […]