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Getting Your Team Engaged Shouldn’t Feel Like A Chore | Enhance Your Company Culture With Gamification
December 8, 2022

Employee engagement helps to create employee advocacy, but how should you keep your employees motivated, inspired, and eager to continue celebrating your story? The answer: Gamification. Gamification can be described as the application of typical game-like features (point systems, objectives, friendly competition) to activities that are not normally seen in a game setting. Gamification is […]

The Struggle Is Real When It Comes To Hiring The Right People. So Make Sure You Retain Your All-Star Employees.
August 18, 2022

As the competition for top talent continues to grow, you need to shift your focus to also retaining the all-star employees you already have. Staffing shortages are nothing new, but along with struggling to hire staff, 63% of small businesses have reported that keeping their current employees is an even bigger issue; with the top […]

Your Company Communication Should Be The Last Thing Holding Your Brand Back
August 18, 2022

Whether you work in business or own your own brand, you know how important communication can be. It can help with everything from making better business decisions to building camaraderie amongst team members; and while all types of company communication are important for business success, good cross-departmental communication is what truly creates a culture capable […]